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A future passed

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When I was young, we were promised an exciting, sci-fi future: Flying cars! Everyone wearing Star Trek jumpers! Video communications on your wrist! Meals in chewing gum form!

Clearly, not many of the above have come true. Even video communications have persistently been held back by the fact that many people just didn’t want to be caught in their dressing gowns by the dreaded seeing-eye phone / watch. Cars have barely started being properly electric, never mind airborne, and people prefer locally sourced retro burgers served in ethically assured brioche buns to a chewable slither of engineered roast beef and Yorkshire pud. So much the better.

But some things have experienced wholesale change. Forty years ago, the great objective was to get a job you could both tolerate and excel at, and stay there.  Fast forward to 2017, and no-one seems to either seek or expect such a situation.

Stigmas around changes in direction, whether retraining, trying your hand at something new, or even just dropping out to go around the world – at pretty much any age – have disappeared. In fact, prospective employers would more likely raise an eyebrow nowadays at those who haven’t done something off-piste at some point in their lives.

The ways that we work, the places where we work and the notion of ‘working hours’ have all altered beyond recognition in a very short space of time.

Collaboration is the name of today’s game. What do you have, what do you do, that could benefit from what I can add to it, reshape, translate or simply join with you in putting on? Interesting, energized people spending time together, not because their restrictive jobs demand it, but because they can see that out of collaboration could come interesting work.

So no Star Trek jumpers (thankfully), but plenty of change in the way our lives are run.


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